The provision of advice on retail, corporate and superannuation for wholesale investors is a core competency. We are acutely aware of best practice across all modes of superannuation administration structures and committed to the delivery of exceptional client-centric service.

Modern superannuation is delivered to investors via administration platforms. Major banks and their subsidiaries, Industry Super Funds, Insurance Companies and Corporates have superannuation platforms that bundle your assets into one convenient reporting/administration system. The costs and complexity of these offerings vary widely.

Depending on the wants and needs of the investor, there is very likely a superannuation fund to suit everyone.

Guardian has access to engage and advise on all available and registered retail superannuation funds. We have no restriction on the advice we provide clients in relation to the structure.   We have searched the market and have a number of preferred providers to suit simple and moderately complex super fund members; however, we can provide ad-hoc or ongoing advice on almost any fund.

Guardian also offers our own ‘in-house’ portfolio administration system to handle larger or more complex portfolios, that when combined with a SMSF is offered free of charge to clients. Our GAINS system provides superior flexibility to retail platforms. GAINS can accommodate almost any investment and at one of the lowest cost points in the market.

GAINS is our ‘in-house’ platform, developed over our 25 years in business. We offer it free to clients who utilise our portfolio management service.