Financial Services Guide

A Financial Services Guide and is an important document for retail investors. We are required to provide this document to you as soon as practicable after you have sought our advice. It contains important information you should read and understand before deciding whether to obtain financial services from us, such as;

  • the services we make available to you;
  • the fees that apply to the provision of those services; and
  • our internal and external dispute resolution processes.

There are also several other documents which we are obliged to provide to you as part of our services, namely:

  • a Letter of Engagement (authorising us to access and gather your personal information);
  • a Statement of Advice (outlining our advice to you, our basis for that advice, and any associated fees);
  • an Ongoing Fee Arrangement – displaying a summary of annual fees paid for the past year and a summary of expected services and annual fees payable for the coming year, that you must opt in to. We must also seek approval from you for any fee deduction if the deduction is not paid via a basic deposit product.

If you are a retail client who is not on a Managed Discretionary Account with us, when we recommend investment into a particular financial product, we will make sure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision and provide you with a Product Disclosure Statement.

Lack on Independence

Please note, based on the restrictions set out in s.923A of the Corporations Act, we are not permitted to use the terms “independent”, “unbiased” or “non-institutionally owned” in relation to the provision of our services. These are restricted terms under s 923A of the Corporations Act. While not materially large sums, our receipt of commissions (to offset the cost of giving our clients personal insurance advice) or Service Fees (from corporate actions) are the most likely reasons we cannot use the restricted terms.