The first meeting with us is at no cost to you.   We view this first meeting as an opportunity to see if we are suited to your needs and can add value to your financial situation.

Guardian have two models for the provision of our advice and the management of portfolios. The fee models will be discussed and agreed  with you prior to progressing with any advice or ongoing relationship in your financial affairs.


These fee models are :

Hourly Rates

Guardian Advisers and support staff are charged out at their respective rates.  Charges are based on the time taken to do the job at hand.  The hourly rate ranges from $88/hour for junior staff to $440/hour for the principal (inc GST).


Assets Under Advice

Guardian utilises an Assets Under Advice model where the fees based on a percentage of the value of the portfolio.   The charge typically ranges from 0.55%p.a. to 1.1%p.a (incl GST).   These rates tend to be inclusive of strategic advice, investment advice, ongoing portfolio management and reporting. This type of fee often relates to an ongoing appointment. Larger portfolios tend to be charged at around 0.66%p.a (incl GST).


There is some degree of flexibility with the models depending on the task at hand, its complexity and our ability to add value.