We believe the value in our advice is in understanding client need and goals, then setting and adhering to a strategy to achieve these goals for clients. Most importantly, setting the strategy requires thorough knowledge of all attributes of personal finance, including:

  • Portfolio construction and the various asset classes
  • The risks and return characteristics of all available asset types
  • Taxation laws, particularly those relating to capital gains tax and superannuation
  • Social security laws
  • Estate Planning
  • The role and uses of the various investment structures, including those used for philanthropy.
  • The role of gearing
  • Protection of assets and income through insurance.

The value we provide our clients is guidance to their strategic financial goals over the long term, not to sell a product. Our role is as the ‘trusted adviser’.  Today, many financial planning services are outsourced, whether it is external platforms to administrate portfolios, software to manage client relationships or external licensing arrangements. These costs can’t be controlled by the practice and have to be passed on through to the client. Guardian has a unique ability to control many of these costs by undertaking these tasks internally and passing on the savings in reduced ongoing costs to the client.

We have developed our own software to manage client portfolios and offer this to clients free of charge, which effectively removes a layer of fees, as does holding our own AFSL