We utilise a highly personalised process.  As a small boutique practice it is essential that we develop and maintain ongoing relationships with our clients as we grow their wealth and manage their affairs in a manner that suits their needs.  We expect our relationships with our clients will last many years.  Many of the original clients remain clients today.

The start of the process is the discussion stage. At this point, we explore the client’s current situation, needs and goals. This provides an opportunity for both the client and the Guardian adviser to get to know each other, and explore whether we can work together in our collective interest.

Once formally engaged we will go about the tasks of gathering data, assessing risks developing strategies and modelling outcomes in order to meet our agreed brief.

We will then go back to you for discussion and approval to implement the agreed course of action.

Part of our role is to ensure adherence to the agreed strategy or to change course as your circumstances and the economic circumstances evolve.

While the process is a formalised one, it is tailored to your circumstances.  We view our on-going role as that of a genuine ‘trusted adviser’ – there to help you meet your goals as your circumstances evolve.