Alignment of Interests

Guardian has maintained it’s own Australian Financial services License (AFSL) for over 20 years. Our allegiance is to the client, not to a product manufacturer or distributor.

Sadly, much of the financial services industry today is concentrated in the hand of a few institutionally or ‘Big 4 bank’ owned Financial Services Licence holders and their subsidiaries. The provision of ‘advice’ is often tainted with the sale of product manufactured by the institution the adviser ultimately is responsible to and is not in the interests of the client.

Guardian is a privately owned business and has neither loyalty nor allegiance to any fund manager, institution or product. Our allegiance is to our clients.

Guardian is a founding member of the Queensland Small Dealers Group and the Boutique Financial Planning Principals Group. These groups were formed with the interests of practitioner adviser and their clients in mind. They lobby to increase the role of Financial Planning as a profession, not as a sales tool used by institutions.