Your financial wealth,
our undivided attention.

Our approach is built on our Investment Philosophy. Using our broad network to access the best investments for our clients, drawing on research from market participants and complimenting it with our in house research expertise. We maintain the discipline to be a steady hand in the face of constant noise, building bespoke investment portfolios to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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Our 5 Key Principles

Our core business is the provision of professional advice and ongoing service. We work together to meet client objectives.

We utilise a highly personalised process.

We believe the value for our clients is in our ongoing management of their affairs.

Guardian has maintained its own License for over 30 years, in your best interest.

We pride ourselves on the delivery of proactive advice and portfolio management to our clients.

Our success is built around timely advice, the right strategies and maintaining the investment discipline needed through the cycle.